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Current: Staff Consultant @ Capgemini
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Michigan Daily Writing

A collection of select articles from my time writing for The Michigan Daily while attending the University of Michigan.


My Cultural Currency: Upon Arrival

“Many people have a tunnel vision on where they want to go and what they want to do, but … I have nothing.

While I didn’t have any sort of bullshit spiritual awakening Hollywood movies will try to convince you you’ll have when you travel to a new country, I thought more about the conjunction between identification and options.

Stephen Hawking has stated time and time again, in basically every interview I’ve watched, that there exists the concept of an infinite number of parallel universes. There exists a universe where I know what I want, what my major would be, and where my life would be headed.”

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Black Student Union hosts dialogue on minority mental health

“It’s seen as something that is an issue, but not a serious issue that you need to seek help for,” she said. “You put it off to the side or it’s something that you put in the dark.”

LSA sophomore Shavon Edwards said she is an active member of the BSU and found the topics of the meeting important, especially addressing mental health and illness concerns raised by her peers.


1,000 attend Shabbat dinners across campus

Meisel said the event meant a lot to her because of the significance Shabbat has for her personally.

“Judaism is a really big part of my identity and I’ve always loved Shabbat dinners,” she said. “Even though the general, basic aspects of Shabbat dinners can be the same, if that means eating challah, one of the ritual breads, or if it’s lighting candles, the experience is different no matter where you are. I’m really excited that I get to facilitate other people having their unique individual Shabbat experiences, especially for people who don’t usually celebrate it at all.”